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Boyd Bros.: A Customer Testimonial

Posted: August 1, 2014

The IDSC Netwise software engine focuses on the root causes of poor profitability, helping your business to solve problems instead of treating symptoms. IDSC Netwise provides timely feedback on performance throughout the organization with a framework to establish benchmarks for continuous improvement.

How does it work?

IDSC Netwise addresses every process to produce the most profitable load–up to the point where the driver gets the work assignment. It extracts information from your dispatch database automatically (all major dispatch software is supported, including custom applications) to perform its complex analysis.

IDSC Netwise uses expert freight industry business analytics and access to current truckload market rates to provide you with daily information that you might otherwise pay consultants ?a hefty fee to uncover:

  • Yield Calculation
  • Historical Analysis
  • Pricing Simulation for What-if analysis
  • Network Balance Optimization
  • Bid Processing
  • Scoreboards
  • Dedicated schedules and Continuous Moves
  • Activity-Based Costing

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