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Brake safety blitz results revealed

Posted: July 17, 2017

GREENBELT, MD – About 12% of the 9,500 vehicles inspected during a surprise Brake Safety Day on May 3 were placed out of service because of brake defects, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance says.

The event was part of the alliance’s Operation Airbrake Program, focusing enforcement teams on out-of-adjustment brakes and other points in the brake system.

Of the 4,635 air-braked trucks and tractors that required antilock braking systems, 8% had related violations. Violations were more likely on 3,222 trailers that required antilock brakes, with 15% of those cited for violations. Of the 723 trucks with hydraulic brakes, 6% had antilock braking violations.

Buses didn’t do much better. Of the 57 that required antilock brakes, 11% had related violations.

Canadian enforcement personnel conducted 1,384 of the inspections, while their U.S. counterparts accounted for the rest.

Violations other than brake-related issues were hardly ignored. They placed 21% of the vehicles out of service.

The next brake safety day is scheduled for September 7.



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