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Bridgestone unveils fuel-saving tire

Posted: April 22, 2019

Bridgestone Americas’ new R284 Ecopia steer tire has been unveiled with a SmartWay verification.

Designed for longhaul and regional service, the tire is made of a tread compound that promotes long wear, and NanoPro-Tech polymer technology that promises to improve rolling resistance by 5% when compared to an Ecopia R283A steer tire, the company says.

The tire’s IntelliShape sidewall features a slim bead to reduce tire weight and reduce rolling resistance as well. And a Fuel Saver Sidewall compound adds to the energy-saving benefits of the NanoPro-Tech polymer, Bridgestone adds.

Tread depth and width have been optimized to deliver a large tread volume, while side grooves in the tread pattern are included to minimize shoulder wear. Equalizer ribs in the tread absorb irregular wear in the process.





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