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Posted: August 1, 2014

A new 185-amp brushless alternator has been introduced by the Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems Division of Prestolite Electric. The company says the addition addresses the needs of today’s heavy-duty environments because new diesel engines are running hotter than ever before. As well, there are continued increases in the demand for electrical power in almost all applications.

The 185-amp brushless alternator is aimed at the high-amperage, high-temperature application where long life
and dependable service are paramount. The new model will initially be approved for applications up to 110
degrees C, but additional improvements during 2007 will allow the company to offer units with a rating of 125 C
later in the year.

The new model uses the “proven” solid-lead frame technology and high-temperature features incorporated in
other brushless models since 2002. High-temperature ‘avalanche’ diodes are welded to a solid-lead frame in the rectifier instead of being soldered, greatly improving resistance to high temperatures and vibration.

High-temperature stator wire, high-temp bearings, and progressive design improvements to the regulator
further enhance the alternator’s resistance to heat.

All Leece-Neville brushless alternators carry a three-year/350,000-mile warranty. The new model will feature a
remote sense regulator and a lamp-driver connector. In addition it will be easily converted from isolated ground
to case ground in the field, creating a single unit that will work over a wide range of applications.


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