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Can Trucking Be More Attractive to Women?

Posted: October 30, 2014

OTTAWA, ON – There’s always been stories of the difficulties women face in a male-dominated industry such as trucking, but there has not been a way to prove or disprove them-until now.

Trucking HR Canada is holding three surveys to get to the bottom of the possible barriers women face in the trucking industry. They’re asking female and male managers, women in the industry and women seeking entry to the industry to participate in three short surveys, which can be found here: And they only take about five minutes.

Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada commented: “Rather than relying on anecdotal evidence, these surveys will give us the data needed to develop the practical tools which will help fleets recruit and retain more women.”

Trucking HR Canada’s Women with Drive project – previously known as Supporting Women in Freight Transportation (SWIFT)- is supported by a national advisory committee that includes a cross-section senior managers, directors, presidents and C-level executives.

Their goals?

  • To develop a national employment strategy and practical tools to support connecting women with careers in transportation;
  • Identify best recruitment and retention practices to better support women in transportation;
  • Identify challenges, including existing barriers;
  • Promoting the trucking industry as an industry of choice for women.

While women make up about 48 percent of Canada’s labor force, in trucking they make up:

  • Three percent of Canada’s truck drivers, mechanics, technicians and cargo workers;
  • 11 percent of managers;
  • 13 percent of parts technicians;
  • 18 percent of dispatchers;
  • 25 percent of freight claims and safety and loss prevention specialists.
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