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Cascadia Wheel Covers

Posted: March 2, 2016

FlowBelow Aero has announced that Daimler will offer its fuel saving ‘Quick-Release’ wheel covers as an option on its most fuel-efficient Freightliner Cascadia Evolution equipment package, available soon. 

The tractor wheel covers reduce aerodynamic turbulence and drag on the truck by streamlining airflow over the tractor’s drive wheels. The Quick-Release wheel covers provide instantaneous and tool-free access to the wheel end via FlowBelow’s patented ‘push and turn’ latching system. The wheel covers are made in the U.S. using extremely durable and flexible thermoplastic polyolefin  material. 

FlowBelow products will be offered on all new Cascadia Evolution trucks built at Daimler’s truck plants, as well as being made available for aftermarket purchase and installation through all Freightliner dealers in North America.

FlowBelow is a Texas-based aerodynamics company founded by mechanical and aerospace engineers, Josh Butler and Kyle Walker.


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