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Centric Parts unveils Posi Quiet Pro pads

Posted: October 18, 2018

Centric Parts, a division of APC Automotive Technologies, has unveiled a line of premium performance disc brake pads.

Posi Quiet Pro has been designed to address service issues including brake fade, weak braking response, excessive noise, and time-consuming break-in procedures, the company says.

It features the company’s Mu500 friction coating, which promises to condition the rotor’s swept area and eliminate the need for break-in procedures. It also quickly removes Geomet or thermal paint from the face of a fully coated rotor.

The pads are positive-molded, post-cured and scorched in the name of long-term stopping power. Multi-layer, mechanically attached shims are incorporated to eliminate noise and shim migration, and precision-cut backing plates are used to ensure a proper fit and smooth operation.

The Opti-Check Early Warning System embedded on the pads offer a visual indicator of pad service life.

Each set of pads is packed by a one-year roadside assistance guarantee.


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