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Posted: August 1, 2014

The RoadMate Commercial 5370T-LMB

Magellan has announced its new RoadMate Commercial 5370T-LMB, a space-saving 5-inch GPS navigator especially designed with premium safety, accuracy and productivity features.

The compliance-ready GPS navigator’s 5-inch, high-resolution touch screen display adjusts color and contrast for the most optimal night visibility. Designed for the needs of professional drivers before, during and after their on-the-road time, it offers customizable truck-specific routing, hands-free communication, driver status log, and mileage reports.

Professional drivers can use the new RoadMate to set up customizable routes based on the vehicle’s dimensions as well as applicable hazmat restrictions. Multi-destination routing allows drivers to plan their stops and optimize routes to be more efficient.

While on the road, the navigator helps drivers keep their eyes on the road with spoken street-name guidance and audible turn-by-turn directions. The integrated Bluetooth wireless technology enables professional drivers to safely talk hands-free when the GPS is paired with a compatible Bluetooth phone.

In addition to free lifetime map updates and free lifetime traffic alerts, the new RoadMate includes Magellan’s latest high-end features to make navigation safer and easier. They include ‘Junction View’ which displays a realistic image of the road and highway signs to help guide drivers to the correct lane for safe merging and exits. ‘Next Turn’ visibility alerts drivers as to which lane to stay in or enter when approaching the next turning location. ‘Landmark Guidance’ gives drivers an easier way to navigate to their destinations by telling them to turn at familiar landmarks such as gas stations, stores or other large, easily seen places instead of only street names that may be hard to locate and read.

The Magellan unit is compatible with the company’s wireless back-up camera. When the vehicle is in reverse-mode, the RoadMate 5370T-LMB will automatically switch from navigation mode to become a rear-view monitor that allows the driver to see what’s behind the vehicle or for assistance when parking into a tight parking space.

At the end of a trip it facilitates preparing required compliance reports including hours of service and state mileage for IFTA fuel records. A comprehensive log of trip information by each driver is retained in the GPS device for easy exporting into reports.

The Magellan RoadMate Commercial GPS family now includes three models including a 7-inch unit.

See Magellan on YouTube.


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