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Comprehensive Fleet Control

Posted: July 6, 2016

ISAAC Instruments has released version 4.20 of its InControl system, which automatically pushes essential truck and driver information “to the right person for making the right decision at the right time.”

With InControl fleet managers receive emails that include pictures when defects are reported during pre-trip inspections or when mechanical breakdowns occur. Safety managers receive emails about impending hours-of-service violations, and customs brokers receive scanned bills of lading for preparing ACI documents.

As well, dispatchers receive notifications when drivers arrive at client locations or when they’ve finished unloading and are waiting empty. Drivers get real-time performance feedback by way of an Android mobile tablet inside the cab, a coaching tool for improving performance on the spot.

It’s all based on the company’s InMetrics telemetry that includes a stand-alone vehicle  recorder that doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect all wireless devices aboard the truck.

Thanks to built-in sensors and connectivity to the vehicle’s various on-board systems, it continuously records 40 parameters and samples them 10 times per second with what the company calls “remarkable precision”.

A key to the system’s value in the current era is its ability to manage HOS and reduce violations. ISAAC allows easy compliance with all current Canadian and U.S. regulations, including the ELD mandate.

It also automates IFTA fuel-tax reporting by providing accurate odometer mileage per province and state, to save time and reduce paperwork.

Originating from the world of motorsports, Quebec-based ISAAC Instruments has focused on the trucking industry over the last few years and has become a major player in its home province, while remaining less well known elsewhere in Canada. That’s changing with the recent opening of an Ontario office. 


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