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ConMet Adds Brake Drums

Posted: January 7, 2015

ConMet has introduced TruCast, a competitively priced brake drum designed to ensure optimum braking performance for heavy-duty truck and trailer applications.

 TruCast offers a weight-saving advantage as well, the company says. The 16.5 x 8.625-in. version is said to be a full 9 lb lighter than a standard cast drum. Plus, there’s a lightweight 16.5 x 7 drum on offer that weighs only 106 lb.

 TruCast drums are 100% balanced for vibration-free operation, says ConMet, and they’re tested to meet the strictest FMVSS/CFMVSS and OEM standards.

 Also, ConMet has released updated hub rebuild kits. They come in several configurations to meet the rebuilding needs of PreSet and PreSet Plus hubs. 


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