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Posted: August 1, 2014

Applied to suspensions and support gear, Great Dane’s spray-in-place thermoplastic elastomeric coating — CorroGuard – is claimed to provide long-term protection from road abrasion and corrosion.
When paint coatings are abraded, the trailer maker says, those areas are left exposed to dirt and road debris that can mean persistent deterioration and oxidation. Today’s stronger salts are especially destructive because they cling to the underbody of a vehicle and crystallize as they slowly dry out, staying in a semi-solution state for extended periods of time, which multiplies their corrosiveness.

CorroGuard, available on all Great Dane dry vans and refrigerated trailers, is said to be an effective defence. It’s air- and water-tight, and will not peel, crack, warp, flake or split under even the harshest conditions, Great Dane says. It cures rapidly, needing neither humidity or moisture, so it can be applied in cold temperatures and will not bubble in humid climates. And it’s 100% solids, containing no volatile organic compounds or solvents, which means it’s not carcinogenic, ozone-depleting or harmful if inhaled, the company says.


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