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Cummins Westport secures environmental award

Posted: October 7, 2016

RIVERSIDE, CA – Cummins Westport has earned a clean air award from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, based on the performance of its natural gas engines.

“These award winners inspire us by their hard work and dedication, and it’s our hope that others will follow their example,” said governing board chairman William A. Burke, referring to the 28th annual event.

Cummins Westport secured the award for innovative clean air technology as the first commercial engine manufacturer to develop and certify a medium-duty/heavy-duty engine at 0.02 grams of Nitrogen Oxides per brake horsepower-hour — 90% lower than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s current on-road truck engine standard.

“Combined with the use of renewable natural gas, this technology can provide critical emission co-benefits (NOx and greenhouse gas) from one of the region’s largest air pollution sources: on-road heavy-duty trucks,” the district announced.

Clean Air Engineering Maritime won the only other honor in the category, for a commercially operating ship emissions capturing system.

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