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Daimler, WABCO sign AMT deal

Posted: June 26, 2017

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Daimler Trucks has extended a supply agreement with WABCO for heavy-duty Automated Manual Transmission controls in North America, Europe, Japan and South America. Domestically, that affects Freightliner and Western Star brands.

WABCO’s controls can transform manual transmissions into equipment that automatically shifts gears and controls clutch actuation for commercial vehicles. The newest versions improve fuel economy by optimizing shifts, and also help operators reduce mechanical wear.

“Our industry continues to adopt automated manual transmission technology with great growth potential in the United States and all BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – as original equipment manufacturers and fleet operators seek to increase driver comfort and safety, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions,” said Jorge Solis, president of WABCO’s truck, bus and car Original Equipment Manufacturer division. “Our new contract with Daimler Trucks extends our existing AMT supply agreement, while also expanding volume.”

WABCO now accounts for 3.5 million Automated Manual Transmissions around the world.

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