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Dana unveils axles, tire management

Posted: March 5, 2018

Dana has unveiled two lighter-weight axles and an updated tire analytics program to its portfolio.

The Spicer S172 single drive axle and D172 tandem axle will replace the 170 series, Dana announced. Steve Slesinksi, director, global product planning for Dana, said the company was able to reduce weight by up to 60 lb. Both axles come with broad ratio coverage from 3.07 to 6.14.

The S172 is aimed at Classes 7 and 8 applications with a gross axle weight rating of 25,000 lb. and a gross combination weight (GCW) rating of 100,000 lb.

The D172 tandem axle also reduces weight by up to 60 lb, and is well suited for Canadian linehaul applications or heavy-haul work, with a GCW rating of 160,000 lb. The first OEM to offer the axle will make it available in the second quarter of 2018, Slesinski said.

Some of the features include: Dana Spicer AdvanTek gearing design, with wider face gearing; a 20-mm hypoid offset to improve efficiency without compromising strength; a high-strength pinion bearing system; an integrated one-piece carrier design; and a fully autonomous lubrication management system.

Rhombus Tire Analytics

Meanwhile, the company has unveiled a second generation of its Rhombus TireAnalytics system.

New features include: greater efficiency in gathering tire data using Bluetooth; life-cycle management capabilities using serialization; benchmarking capabilities; tread wear analytics; and tire performance comparisons by region.



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