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Posted: August 1, 2014

Available through Carrier Transicold dealers, the new maintenance-free PowerRush Platinum battery is said to deliver high performance by way of its absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology. It provides 1150 CCA (cold cranking amps) of high starting power, deep cycling ability and what Carrier calls “exceptional” cold starting performance. At -4F (-20C), the pure-lead PowerRush Platinum AGM is claimed to retain 75% more power than typical Group 31 wet cell batteries.

The 99.99% pure lead construction of the battery maximizes the sustained battery charge, helping to ensure that the battery will reliably start a refrigerated unit even if it’s been idle for extended periods. The compressed glass mats are packed tightly between many extremely thin plates to create high vibration and shock resistance. The high number of plates gives a lot of surface area, which translates into high power. And Carrier says its fast charge acceptance reduces engine run time for recharging, potentially reducing fuel consumption when the refrigeration unit is used in ‘Start-Stop’ mode.

The PowerRush Platinum battery includes a very long four-year full replacement warranty.

In addition to powering refrigeration units, the battery can be used in many other Group 31 applications, where high-performance AGM batteries are finding favor in supporting increased electrical requirements for vehicle electronics and cab accessories.


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