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Detachable Mini-Deck Trailer

Posted: June 22, 2016

XL Specialized Trailers, a heavy-haul specialist, has added the new XL 80 Mini-Deck hydraulic detachable gooseneck (HDG) lowboy to its lineup. It uses a 3-beam design to provide versatility.

Featuring a loaded deck height of 12 in. with 4 in. of ground clearance and an empty weight that easily allows scaling to maximum payload, the XL Mini-Deck HDG is available with a capacity rating of 80,000 lb overall and 80,000 lb in 16 ft concentrated.

The trailer, which is comprised of T-1 flange and 80K web, features an 11-ft-long full-width platform with a low-profile hydraulic neck. This platform provides additional loading or storage space. Equipped with a Honda Power 13-hp power unit, it allows the user to raise and lower the neck into one of the five ride height positions easily. A 36-in. flip neck extension is for using a four-axle truck.

The Mini-Deck meets bridge clearance laws without sacrificing strength. XL’s  3-beam design uses a center box beam, resulting in a lighter yet strong main deck, which is only 8 in. tall. Four-inch junior I-beams on 18-in. centers join the box beam and the side rails. The design has steel over the center deck and apitong decking in the outer bays for added traction when loading.

The 48-ft long trailer offers 28 ft in the well for maximum loading area. It’s prepped for a ‘flip axle’ to add additional axles when needed to meet various regulations.


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