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Doctor Preload tools updated

Posted: September 22, 2017

Temper Axle Products is rolling out the second generation of its bearing adjustment tools.

A new circular keyfinder simplifies mounting of Doctor Preload tools on the axle spindle end. Hash marks are laser-etched on the keyfinder’s circumference to help align Temper-Loc nuts so they will lock in the final bearing setting.

Other changes have overcome normal variations in wheel end components such as bearing dimensions and hub styles, the company says.

Along with new tools, Temper Axle is also recommending a process change. The Truck and Bus Wheel Committee at SAE International specified a preload range rather than a single set point in its Recommended Practice J2535: Setting Preload in Heavy Duty Wheel Ends. Temper’s procedure targets a slightly higher preload setting, which is still below the maximum preload recommended by the committee.

Meanwhile, the Doctor Preload tool for drive axles receives another feature. The new tools include a built-in nut turning device that engages with the spindle nut’s teeth, and has an extended gripping point that clears interference from the hub.


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