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Doing 90 Years In the Hammer

Posted: November 2, 2015

HAMILTON – –  It’s the home of Ken Dryden, Dave Thomas, the first ever Timmie’s, and perhaps the only city in the world where a professional sports franchise finished at the top of their division only to go on strike just as the playoffs were about to begin.

HTC, Hamilton Transportation ClubThe year was 1925; the team was the Hamilton Tigers. And rather than lose face in a labor dispute, the players walked out and thus the 1925 Stanley Cup went to the Victoria Cougars. And it was the last year the NHL iced a team in the southern Ontario city known as “The Hammer.”   

However, even as the feisty hockey squad was drawing the curtain on one enterprise; that same year a group of forward-looking people met for the first time in the Board Room of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.  They formed a club called “Shippers Business Club of Hamilton,” but early on, the executive felt that even better results could be obtained by increasing the membership to people in rail, cartage, trucking and steamship business, and eventually, the club became the Hamilton Transportation Club.

Today, the club is more vibrant than ever, having fun, raising money and helping each other all year long, relying on the generosity and vitality of its 200-plus members to support a variety of good causes,  hospitals, colleges and universities in the Hamilton area.

htcNext Thursday, Nov.12, the Hamilton Transportation Club (HTC) is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The party–and it sounds splendid, with entertainment and special guests galore–will be in the King George Ballroom in the elegant Liuna Station on James Street.

Louisa McAlpine, the current president of the HTC (and also President  of Snowbird Transportation Ltd.)  promises the 90-birthday celebration will be memorable and entertaining. 

For more information on the gala, click here.

P.S. If you’re looking for more info on hockey history in Ontario’s Golden Triangle, the emcee for the party will be the hockey-loving truck-talking column-writing Man about Town Mike McCarron. 


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