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Driver Fatigue Monitor

Posted: August 31, 2016

Rear View Safety has released the new Vuemate RVS-330 driver-fatigue monitoring system.

It uses “the latest in hardware and software” to detect when a driver begins to show symptoms of drowsiness. The system itself comes with a single small, compact camera that is mounted to the dashboard of the driver’s vehicle. The lens of the camera faces the driver and is always monitoring for signs that a driver may be in danger of nodding off. Should that occur, the RVS-330 will then set off an alarm in an effort to keep the driver alert.

Its intelligent software includes a built-in tracking algorithm that helps the camera accurately distinguish between the way a particular driver looks under normal circumstances and the way he or she looks when drowsy. No two drivers are created equally, which is why the camera needs to be smart enough to differentiate between the way that one driver may look when they’re drowsy versus the way another may look under normal conditions.

Installation of the RVS-330 can be accomplished in moments — after plugging the unit in and mounting it to the appropriate position on the truck’s dashboard, the system is ready to go as soon as the ignition on the vehicle starts. No further setup is necessary.


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