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Posted: August 1, 2014

The Dana Spicer XC Center Bearing is new from Dana’s Commercial Vehicle System group. It’s an innovative design that simplifies installation and alignment of multiple driveshaft assemblies for vehicle manufacturers, the maker says, while providing improved reliability and durability for the end user.

“Proper alignment is critical to the successful installation of a multiple driveshaft configuration,” says Jim Holman, engineering manager in Dana’s commercial and off-highway applications group. “Our new center bearing accomplishes this better than prior models because the design has flexibility engineered into the system that allows the specially engineered elastomer isolator to pivot in a new integrated hanger bracket and self-align as it is being installed. This ensures the system is properly aligned when the vehicle leaves the factory and ultimately provides a more efficient and longer life drivetrain enhancement.”

The result is better overall service life of the drivetrain system by effectively eliminating the likelihood of damage that can occur to the isolator and internal bearings. Fewer brackets are needed to accommodate a wide range of driveshaft-angle configurations. The new bearing has an extended-life ball bearing with improved sealing and upgraded rubber cushion designs, which eliminate the need for slingers and provide improved performance and reduced maintenance for a variety of heavy-duty applications, Dana says. The elastomer isolator system maintains optimal performance at angle fluctuations of plus or minus 10 degrees, ensuring that the driveline system is correctly aligned and operating smoothly and efficiently.


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