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Posted: August 1, 2014

Fontaine Revolution Hybrid TX

Fontaine Trailer Company is now offering the multi-purpose Revolution Hybrid TX dropdeck trailer. It features twist locks to accommodate two 20-footers or one 40-ft container.

The Revolution deck is light but strong, the company says, adding that the unitized design eliminates wracking and flexing as the trailer moves down the highway. This reduces road friction, said to extend tire life by up to 30% and improve fuel economy by up to 3%.

All Fontaine Revolution trailers feature a one-piece extruded-aluminum siderail that’s especially good at withstanding impact damage, the company says. An integrated load-securement system makes loading and unloading faster and much easier. The main beam design and construction is strong enough that Fontaine backs it in writing with the XtremeBeam Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Fontaine says “this rugged dual-purpose workhorse… can handle a shipping container, a coil of steel, or a load of lumber with equal ease.”


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