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Dual-application milk tankers

Posted: March 30, 2017

Tremcar has updated its standard farm pickup tanks so they can also be used as direct load tanks.

Based on a standard two-compartment farm pickup specification, the frame has been modified to create a flat surface that will create an airtight seal against pads at direct loading facilities. Door hinges were also modified to swing doors out of the way when backing against pads, and both doors will also secure in place to minimize the risk of damage, Tremcar says.

Once one compartment fills, an automatic shutoff is triggered. The next compartment can be filled with the switch of a valve. Nothing needs to be unplugged. Two probes found in each compartment also trigger full-tank alarms during direct loading, and automatic shutoffs during farm pickups.

QMI sampling ports found at ground level, spill dams and Lumenite probes all reduce the need to climb on the tanks, the company adds.




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