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Easier Brake Inspection

Posted: December 9, 2014

The new Arrow Logger from Spectra Products works together with the company’s well respected Brake Safe visual brake-stroke indicator to improve and simplify brake-adjustment inspection.


It indicates that a brake is in or out of adjustment without the need to maintain foot-pedal application using a pedal depressor or a second person while completing the inspection. A two-man task is now a one-man job.


Brake-adjustment monitoring is simply a matter of parking the truck and checking the position of the Arrow Logger. Because the longest stroke is logged from prior brake applications, adjustment status is evident without completing a full service-brake application.


The Arrow Logger consists of a tough, nylon indicator and a durable, self-lubricating, acetal housing. These two inexpensive parts are added to the existing Brake Safe stroke indicator to create the logging capability.


The housing is bolted on to the existing Brake Safe main bracket and the indicator slides inside the housing. The easy-to-see extruded arrow indicates the position of the longest stroke travel in reference to the existing ‘goal post’ stroke markers.


The Arrow Logger and Brake Safe working together will simplify a driver’s life and will also alert the mechanic to potential problems with the foundation brake system.


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