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Posted: August 1, 2014

Maxwell ESM ultracapacitor

Maxwell Technologies’ Engine Start Module (ESM) gives class 4 to 8 truck operators peace of mind when it comes to starting their engines, the company says. The ESM isn’t a battery, rather it replaces the starter battery and works in tandem with the other batteries, using power-dense ultracapacitors in a Group 31 form factor. It can offer all-temperature starts even after hotel loading. Cold-weather reliability goes down to -40 C.

Ultracapacitors store and discharge energy very quickly and are being used in thousands of different applications and considered in a host of future applications, says Maxwell. They complement a primary energy source like an internal combustion engine, fuel cell, or battery, which cannot repeatedly provide quick bursts of power.

They’re also used to harvest power from regenerative braking systems and release power to help hybrid vehicles accelerate.

Benefits include longer service intervals and reduced maintenance costs, says Maxwell. With the ESM installed, batteries and starters last longer. In fact, the ESM is claimed to eliminate virtually every costly concern with starting-related failures, from downtime to emergency towing service. It also facilitates compliance with anti-idling laws.

Weighing 21 lb, the ESM comes with a four-year warranty.


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