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Eaton to Supply Navistar’s Heavy-Duty Remanufactured Transmissions

Posted: August 1, 2014

GALESBURG, MI — Truck maker Navistar has chosen Eaton as their new supplier of heavy-duty remanufactured transmissions.

“It should definitely help our dealers increase and enhance their aftermarket business. Ultimately our end user customers will benefit the most,” said John Pens, product manager, drivetrain components for Navistar.

Deliveries to Navistar’s roughly 350 North American dealers started July 1 and are mostly of Eaton Flex Reman transmissions.

The Flex Reman transmissions ticketed for Navistar will include a customized design with shift bars in a forward configuration on the housings. Ten part numbers will be available with the design.

“This new agreement with Navistar promises to bring a wealth of benefits to our mutual fleet and independent trucker customers,” said Shane Groner, global account director, Navistar, Eaton commercial vehicle group. “We are continuously enhancing our Flex Reman lineup of transmissions and we’re happy to see that the industry as a whole and Navistar specifically are supporting these improvements in a big way.”

Eaton has made several enhancements to its lineup of FLEX Reman transmissions to better equip truck dealers and truck OEMs to meet the aftermarket needs of their customers.

Among the improvements are changes to the part numbers to a model-based system, eliminating the need to cross-reference part numbers with model numbers and making it easier to find the correct part,  a new pricing structure with logistic center, direct-ship, and truck-down orders all priced the same. Availability and delivery changes have been made as well. 

Standard warranty coverage for Flex Reman transmissions is two years/unlimited miles, but can be extended to three years.

The transmissions are backed by the Roadranger network, which includes more than 200 drivetrain professionals throughout North America. 

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