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ECCO lights ready to get to work

Posted: November 15, 2019

ECCO is upgrading its lineup of worklights.

The EW3007-F worklight incorporates LED heads and the floodlight includes a daytime running light function. Buyers can also customize the color of the lens frame using interchangeable blue, red, yellow and black bezels.

The EW2605 floodlight, meanwhile, casts a 300-foot beam with nine LEDs. The 2,875 lumen worklight also uses a diffused lens to project an even glow. That, the company says, makes it a fit to illuminate an impromptu workshop or truck bed.

Another floodlight, the EW4020, shines a 500-foot light and also comes equipped with a Deutsch connector but has additional functionality. It incorporates a heated lamp and is is tested to operate at -40°F.

Rounding out the EW4000 series is the EW4030 diffused floodlight. Like the EW2605, the EW4030 casts a 140 beam.  It has an effective range of 143 feet and a 300-foot spread. A related EZ4030 bracket can be used to stack the lamps.


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