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Edmonton community groups dig in against ring road

Posted: August 1, 2014

EDMONTON (Feb. 11) — Opposition is mounting against a proposed “ring road” in Edmonton that would smooth the flow of truck traffic in and around the city.

The group, called Communities Against Residential Encroachment (CARE), the group was formed last month after Edmonton’s city council voted in favor of using 50th Street and 98th Avenue as the southeast leg of a six-lane inner-ring road. The proposed truck route is part of a Transportation Master Plan on which the city hopes to resume public hearings on March 17.

CARE chairman Chris Hardeman says the group was formed to protect the interests of residents, homes, and businesses in the communities of Terrace Heights and Ottewell. Hardeman argued that schools and businesses in the area would be adversely affected by a higher volume of truck traffic and there are safety concerns.

“We can’t help but feel this decision was made in an underhanded way,” he told the Edmonton Journal last week. “The city didn’t even take the time to notify the local residents that this was even being put forward. Why does this council seem to flounder on the ring road issue — jumping from potential solution to potential solution — instead of sitting down and consulting with the city residents and companies who might be affected?”


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