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Enhanced Cargo Security

Posted: August 1, 2014

TrakLok International, a cargo security firm specializing in trailer and container security, has added new features to its cargo security platform. The latest enhancements to the integrated lock, alarm, and tracking system further enable fleets to protect cargo by improving monitoring and alerts for lock-and-latch status changes, enter-and exit-fences, and low-battery issues.

The TrakLok cargo security system includes: a hardened lock that withstands prying, cutting, or impact tools; an integrated alarm that sends alerts for unauthorized attempts to access cargo; and a GPS tracking system with a cloud-based Web portal that allows access to real-time information on location and cargo integrity.

The company says its platform provides a layered approach by combining tracking with a robust locking solution to deter unauthorized access to remote and in-transit loads. The new security features address the issue of load tampering.

New alarm and alert features include four new user-selected alerts for Locked/Unlocked and Latched/Unlatched status changes, a configurable alert notification if unknown or invalid codes are entered into the device, an alert notification when the battery charge falls below a preset level, and support for international address formats.

The TrakLok alarm system provides coverage even when the driver is unavailable. Alarm and alert notifications and GPS-based location are sent via wireless communication.

Other features of TrakLok include a geofencing system that prevents lock opening anywhere other than user-defined locations. The reusable system can be moved to another trailer or cargo container in under 30 seconds.

Not incidentally, TrakLok was recently awarded a US$450,000 contract to provide engineering support to Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Global Threat Reduction Initiative Transportation project. This project seeks to enhance the security of radioactive sources during transport within the United States.


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