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Posted: August 1, 2014

Air-Weigh has added a new entry-level scale, the QuickLoad, incorporating the latest hardware and software technology in a compact in-dash display. It’s designed for use on dedicated tractor-trailers and straight trucks.

Up to four axle groups (including steer, drive and trailer axles) can be monitored on the in-dash display and the scale automatically calculates GVW and net payload. Information on weights — steer axle, drive axles, trailer axles, and GVW, and payload — is displayed in the cab. Like other Air-Weigh scales, it features warning and overweight alarm outputs, dual-point calibration, and “easy” installation. There are several air and axle deflection sensor kits available that allow users to tailor the scale to a variety of truck, tractor, and dedicated tractor-trailer configurations.

It works by converting tractor and trailer suspension loads to an accurate on-the-ground weight. By comparing empty and loaded axle group weights with empty and loaded suspension pressures, Air-Weigh says the scale can be calibrated to display accurate weights at any suspension load. Like all Air-Weigh on-board scales, it features a patented dual-point calibration system.

QuickLoad configurations are available starting as low as US$400.


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