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Everything’s Kosher at Trimac’s New Wash Shop

Posted: October 5, 2015

MISSISSAUGA-The busiest tanker-washing facility in Canada has 12 full time washer/technicians scouring out up to 65 trailers a day. Tuesday morning of this week, their shop just got a lot bigger, and the people who work there expect to get a lot busier.

trimac malysa washingThe facility-National Tank Services (NTS)-belongs to Calgary-based bulk specialists Trimac Transportation Ltd., and is located on the same Mississauga property as Liquid Cargo Lines, a mid-sized bulk carrier that Trimac purchased in July 2012.  

And although the facility is owned by Trimac, National Tank Services offers third-party cleaning and maintenance to other bulk haulers with such success, explained Trimac Canada’s President and COO Ed Malysa at the “Grand Re-Opening” of the operation on Tuesday, that the company invested in the elaborate renovation that got underway in 2014. (NTS opened first in 1999.)

Malysa, Trimac CEO Jeff McCaig and other brass flew in from Calgary to join staff, guests, customers and contractors at a special celebration, featuring a barbeque, tours and prize giveaway in the newly refurbished facility.

Trimac, Today's Trucking, According to Trimac’s Director of Shop Operations Gerry Peacock-himself a 36-year-Trimac man-the facelift means two new repair bays-bringing the total number to 12–improved lighting, a much-updated administration area, a comfortable drivers’ room, wheelchair access, and improved working-at-heights safety equipment.

In addition to the wash technicians, Trimac employs 18 truck-and-trailer technicians on site as well as about seven admin personnel.

 “We’re even kosher certified,” Facility Manager John Anger told “COR inspectors know they can rely on us.” (COR stands for Council of Orthodox Rabbis, which operates a Kosher inspection service and bulk-shipped kosher food must pass muster with COR. For an fascinating look at the process, click here to read “What is A Kosher Tanker? previously published in COR’s magazine.)

Food and food products represent only one sector of the myriad bulk products hauled by Trimac, which currently sits as the 12th largest for-hire carriers in Canada, according to Today’s Trucking’s annual Top 100 Carriers list, with more than 2,600 tankers and about 2,000 employees. Trimac lists as TMA on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

trimac, truckingHours of Operation for the newly expanded wash facility (and they are open to commercial carriers):  Sunday 10:00 p.m. to Friday 10 p.m. 24/7 with a Saturday shift from  6:00 a.m. to noon.

Added Malysa before cutting the ceremonial cake:  “We’re looking forward to expanding the business with these new wash and maintenance facilities.”


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