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Five Million Drivers Needed

Posted: August 1, 2014

NEW DELHI, INDIA — Looking for work as a truck driver? India wants you!

According to a report in the Hindu Times, India will be looking for approximately five million new truck drivers over the next eight years. About two million trucks are sitting idle because of the driver shortage, according to the report.

The story was heralding the arrival of Daimler’s new line of trucks aimed at the Indian market and manufactured under the BharatBanz marquee.

And the new trucks, according to the paper, are bringing revolutionary changes to the way drivers will spend their days.

“Pampering the men behind-the-wheels is the new paradigm across the industry,” it says.

The new trucks will feature such “luxuries” as — wait for it — adjustable seats, power windows, adjustable steering columns and air conditioning.

“Truck drivers in the country have never had it so good,” the Times said.

Daimler is also introducing “resting facilities” at its service centers, complete with bath, bed and food.

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