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FleetCam update offers easy video access

Posted: August 7, 2018

Forward Thinking Systems’ FleetCam 2.0 supports up to four camera angles per vehicle, with recent updates including improved livestreaming and historical video downloads so users don’t need to pull vehicles off the road to access footage.

Video is streamed and downloaded through the IntelliHub Forward Thinking web portal. There’s no need to wait for the SD card.

On the truck, the system’s mobile digital video recorder comes in a metal body with 4G/LTE network support, GPS location tracking, and an anti-tamper lock. It stores 134 hours of footage on the main hard drive, while the most recent footage is backed up with an SD card.

The related FleetCam 2.0 Dome Cam includes infrared sensors that offer 50 feet of night vision, and also provides audio complete with features that help to cancel out unwanted noise from engine vibrations.


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