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Focus On… Volvo VNR 640

Posted: January 3, 2018 by Jim Park

Volvo Trucks North America’s new VNR regional truck lineup features three chassis options, a day-cab, a 42-inch sleeper and a 61-inch sleeper. The VNR 640 is targeted toward fleets and drivers that run short over-the-road trips from a few days to a week out. It’s an ideal size for that type of operation. We took one for a test drive in Winston-Salem, North Carolina about a month after the new lineup was introduced.

We also have a test drive of the new VNR 300 day cab and closeup look at the new steering wheel controls introduced with the VNR. And you can click for another look at Volvo’s Adaptive Loading feature, introduced in 2015 and featured on this VNR 640.


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