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Fontaine’s roll-up door for Freightliner M2

Posted: August 12, 2019

Freightliner M2 with rollup door

Fontaine has unveiled a new roll-up door for Freightliner M2 truck cabs.

Fontaine Modification is improving the access to Freightliner M2 trucks, making it easier for users like tow truck operators and firefighters to reach tools and equipment.

Storage doors have traditionally been installed by custom bending the mounting tracks to match the curve of the truck’s side, but this could cause leaks and other challenges around opening and closing the door, Fonataine says.

Its new approach relies on a surround to allow the door to be installed in a completely vertical orientation, rather than trying to curve to the side of the truck.

The new mounting system was developed by an engineering team led by vocational engineering manager Dylan Ramsey at Fontaine’s Innovation Center for Research and Development in Charlotte. It will be installed on Freightliner M2 trucks at Fontaine’s Charlotte Modification Center, which supports Freightliner’s nearby Mount Holly manufacturing facility.


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