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Fuel-efficient oil from Shell

Posted: September 21, 2017

Shell’s new Rotella T5 Ultra 10W30 synthetic blend has been unveiled, meeting the recently introduced FA-4 oil category and improving fuel economy when compared to a conventional 15W40.

Other benefits are said to include better high- and low-temperature performance, as well as helping to meet the tighter emissions standards for engines built beginning this year.

Additives protect against wear, deposits, and oil breakdown, too, the company says.

The low-ash levels are there to protect exhaust catalysts and Diesel Particulate Filters.

The oil can be used in on-highway engines requiring an FA-4 oil, and in some cases can offer limited backwards capability for use in pre-EPA2017 engines.

Other specifications met by the oil include Cummins CES 20087, Detroit Diesel’s DFS 93K223, JASO DH-2 and Daimler’s approval 228.61.


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