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Geotab app helps combat distractions

Posted: September 24, 2018

Geotab is fighting distracted driving with a new SafeRide app in the Geotab Marketplace, locking out phones and their screens when someone is driving. Incoming alerts are muted as well.

The option was revealed along with Geotab’s Both Sides of the Wheel campaign, which kicked up with the inaugural “phones down, eyes up” event on Sept. 23. Through that, families and youth are brought together to learn about programs that help to reduce collisions in local communities.

“In our increasingly connected world it is becoming more and more important to ensure we are not distracted by the technology that is at our fingertips,” said Geotab CEO Neil Cawse. “It is absolutely essential that we continue to inspire and unify our communities to take a stance against distracted driving and walking and help to catalyze the message that putting our phones down and keeping our eyes up, is all of our responsibility.”


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