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Geotab marketplace adds solar tracker

Posted: March 7, 2019

The solar-powered asset tracker TT600 series by Flex is ready to offer detailed tracking information for assets like trailers, containers and generators – almost in real time.

Available through the Geotab marketplace, the GPS-based tracking unit offers insights into utilization, dwell time, and yard moves. The data itself is accessed through the MyGeotab platform, used on the same map as GO Devices.

The system is engineered to withstand harsh conditions, its makers say, noting that it combines an efficient solar cell, cellular technology, and a long life span.

The unit is attached with just four bolts, and offers current asset positions through one GPS fix per minute when an asset is moving.

Available power features a four-month battery life at 12 reports per day.

An optional RS232 or CAN connector will support future capabilities such as tractor power detection, temperature monitoring, and tire pressure monitoring.


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