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Goodyear unveils regional tires, with one made for Canada

Posted: January 30, 2019

Two new regional haul tires were among the announcements made by Goodyear at its No Limits customer conference.

Among them was a made-for-Canada regional haul tire, the Ultra Grip RTD drive tire.

The all-season tire achieved a three-peak snowflake rating, verifying its traction capabilities. Features contributing to its grip include: a tread design and compound that offers long, even wear; a 25/32-inch deep tread for long miles to removal; complex sipe geometry with variable tread depth to maximize traction as the tire wears; and conical stone ejectors to limit stone trapping.

The tire will be rolled out in the fourth quarter in size 11R22.5. Kavaturu said the new offering will help Goodyear grow its market share. It has been tested in Canada and Kavaturu said the testing proved the traction is excellent, while tread life is not compromised.

Goodyear also introduced a new Fuel Max RTD drive tire, which focuses on improving fuel economy rather than traction. Its rolling resistance is 15-20% lower than its sister tire, the Ultra Grip RTD. Kavaturu said this tire was introduced to help OEMs meet GHG Phase 2 fuel economy requirements.

It will be available in six sizes, with the first of those hitting the market in the fourth quarter.

“Fleets in the quickly growing regional haul segment need tires that can deliver all-around performance across a wide range of driving conditions,” said Kavaturu. “We are confident that the new Goodyear Fuel Max RTD and Ultra Grip RTD will help regional fleets achieve this objective and lower their operating costs.”


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