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Greener air dryer cartridge

Posted: August 9, 2017

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems‘ new GC spin-on air dryer cartridge is reportedly the first in the aftermarket to incorporate recycled desiccant.

The GC refers to Green Cartridge, and it will be available as of August 20. It can be used on any North American air dryer that calls for a standard 39-millimeter spin-on dryer cartridge with a right-hand thread, but not in applications requiring an oil-coalescing filter.

Desiccant attracts moisture during the charging cycle, and is exposed to pressure cycling, high temperatures, road vibrations, and air that’s saturated with moisture and oil aerosols passed by a truck’s compressor, the company notes. But Bendix is able to reprocess its material, mix it with new content, and create a final product that essentially matches the performance of new OEM-grade cartridges. They’re sold as service-new with no core charge.

Bendix estimates more than 500,000 spin-on air dryer cartridges, containing about a million pounds of desiccant, are thrown out across North America every year.


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