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Posted: August 1, 2014

Grote has announced a new line of white LED Per-Lux work lamps, clear white LED back-up lamps, and additions to the family of Hi-Count stop, tail, and turn lamps.

A first for Per-Lux, the clear-white LED driving lamps are said to outshine incandescent and halogen competitors. The work lamp features a glass lens with chemical- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing. A side screw adjusts the lens tilt for optimal beam pattern evenness. Per-Lux continues to carry a three-year warranty on all parts. The new lamp will be available to original equipment manufacturers and can be easily retrofitted. It comes in spot, flood, and trapezoid lens configurations.

New this year, Grote has added clear-lens red and yellow lamps to its Hi Count line. The new offerings include: round and oval stop, tail, and turn lamps; square corner lamps; and 2- and 2.5-in. rectangular marker lamps. Also added this year is a Hi Count box lamp with side-marker in red and yellow for left- or right-hand mounting, and Hi Count round or square double-faced lamps in red and yellow. Grote Hi Count lamps are said to be ideal for owner operators who want affordable high style when upgrading from incandescent lighting to LEDs.

New to the SuperNova line this year is a single-diode white back-up lamp that’s said to rival multi-diode versions in terms of light output. The lamps, featuring standard male pin and hard-shell terminations, are fully encapsulated in patented specially formulated potting which provides thermal protection as well as corrosion, shock and moisture resistance.


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