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Posted: August 1, 2014

Remy’s new Intelli-Check II measures voltage drop and offers instant on-vehicle performance evaluations of the truck’s alternator and 12-volt batteries.

The all-in-one, hand-held digital testing unit provides accurate performance data for heavy-duty alternators and batteries and measures voltage drop on multiple circuits, often a leading source of electrical system problems and
related vehicle downtime. The Intelli-Check II is controlled by a microprocessor and allows users to store and retrieve data from up to 200 systems tests.

Using the Intelli-Check II, users can detect nearly any performance-related alternator issue, such as overcharge, undercharge and partial-charge status and diode/stator phase failure. The unit also performs a complete
electronic and load-test evaluation of heavy-duty batteries without first recharging the batteries.

The Intelli-Check II’s voltage drop tester is engineered for use with starter, alternator and control/mag switch circuits, and it accurately measures the cable voltage drop to TMC specifications.

The Intelli-Check II system is available from distributors across North America and is offered individually or as part of a complete systems analysis kit, which contains the hand-held tester, computer adapter and a 45-ft lead kit, and a high-impact polyethylene carrying case.


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