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Heavy-duty clutches produced

Posted: July 4, 2017

Eaton has now begun shipping its upgraded line of aftermarket Advantage Self-Adjust and Easy Pedal Advantage heavy-duty clutches.

Eaton Advantage Self-Adjust clutch.There are 28 part numbers overall, with torque ratings of up to 2,250 lb-ft, and they’re available for all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks in North America.

Enhancements include a new strap drive system that fixes an intermediate plate to the clutch housing, eliminating a source of lug fatigue and a rattle associated with earlier designs. Soft rate dampers are also standard, absorbing engine vibrations and enabling downspeeding to 1,850 lb-ft. A spring separator system, meanwhile, provides for a quicker disengagement from the engine.

The Advantage Self-Adjust model also has a second wear tab indicator to support visual inspections.


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