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Hendrickson HN rebuild kit

Posted: August 7, 2018

Atro Engineered Systems has unveiled a Hendrickson HN Suspension Rebuild Kit.

The Hendrickson HN walking beam suspension features a bar pin end bushing, and the traditional center bushing is replaced by two large bolster springs per side. ATRO’s new KT50-25004 includes components to do one side of the truck (two bolster springs and an auxiliary load spring).

Atro offers kits for heavy-haul suspensions including the Hendrickson Haulmaax, Kenworth AG 200/400, and Mack SS 34-44 Series and SW/ST34 Series.

The proprietary polyurethane material used in the kits resist dynamic compression set, and are chemically resistant to contaminants, Atro says.


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