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Posted: August 1, 2014

The high-lift ParaMax suspension system is said to offer a more comfortable ride plus longer tire and trailer life for haulers who operate on rough roads and off-road sites. It’s designed and built by Ontario-based Titan Trailers, which manufactures custom-built trailers specializing in severe-duty applications such as forestry, aggregates, scrap, and waste hauling. Single-axle ParaMax suspensions are now available on its full line of live-floor trailers.

The ParaMax high-lift steering axle system is rated to 25,000 lb with steer angles at 30 degrees. The suspension was designed to provide extreme travel and high-lift capabilities of up to 10.5 in. and 13.5 in. of the total axle travel for demanding conditions.

The ParaMax suspension is designed around a high-travel parallel linkage with the kingpin set at 90 degrees to the ground. The parallel-mount configuration allows the suspension to lift the axle higher than other steer axles, Titan says, allowing travel where other trailers can’t go. It also ensures that the lift plates stay parallel for increased airbag life and significantly reduced tire wear, the company claims.
Optional wide-base single low-profile tires allow even more clearance.

The suspension also means tracking is constant even in rough conditions, says Titan, which minimizes uneven tire wear. It’s also said to maintain a "comfortable" ride on deeply rutted roads and in rough off-road conditions.

The design of the suspension allows the left side to vertically adjust to a different height than the right side, thereby relieving potential stress on the axle and the suspension as well as on the trailer itself.


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