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High-performing disc friction from Bendix

Posted: January 30, 2018

Bendix’s highest-performing air disc brake friction material is now available in all new and aftermarket tractor and trailer applications.

Bendix BX276

The Bendix BX276 air disc brake pad, engineered with the ADB22X-LT trailer-specific discs, can be used as replacement friction for ADB22X and ADB22X-LT systems on tractors and trailers. It’s two millimeters thicker than its predecessor, boosting the wearable volume by 8%. The end result is said to be a pad with 40% more wear life.

In the midst of that, Bendix has introduced what it says is the only replacement pad approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers for use in severe-duty applications – the BX283 – with the promise of extended service life and stopping power. That includes uses like refuse haulers and pickup and delivery vehicles.

The friction material is less prone to cracking and shedding chunks, offering reliable performance without the increased risk of rotor heat cracks, the company says.


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