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‘How’s my Driving?’ app

Posted: August 24, 2017

Fleets that register equipment licence plates through the Windshieldink smartphone app can receive private email messages directly from other motorists. That, the app’s Toronto maker says, offers a new tool to locate missing trailers and learn about driver actions.

Think of the “fleeter” feature as a modern take on the traditional “How’s My Driving?” graphic. Other Windshieldink users key in a registered fleet’s licence plate and send their related message complete with a GPS location that can be cross-referenced  to Hours of Service records. No third party is involved in conveying the message.

The “alerter” feature allows businesses to post the licence plates of missing trailers or vehicles. Users of the Windshieldink app will receive pop-up notices about the missing equipment, and can send messages to the fleet along with GPS coordinates.


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