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Posted: August 1, 2014

The new Vector 6600MT from Carrier Transicold is claimed to provide the highest refrigeration capacity of any multi-temperature unit on the market while delivering up to 20% greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor. It’s brother to the single-temperature Vector 6500 unit introduced last year.

Twins in almost every way, both Vector units use what Carrier calls Deltek diesel-electric technology, which is said to feature high operating efficiencies, significantly reduced maintenance requirements versus conventional belt-drive systems, and an electric standby option for stationary units. There have been several technological enhancements over the company’s earlier hybrid units.

At 100 F ambient and a set-point of 35 F, the Vector units deliver 59,000 Btu/hour of cooling capacity. For the Vector 6600MT, that’s claimed to be 15% more than the nearest multi-temperature competitor and 9% more than Carrier’s original multi-temp hybrid and conventional multi-temp unit at the same conditions. At a set-point of -20 F, the capacity is said to be as much as 15% greater than the conventional unit.

With the refrigeration system’s all-electric architecture, Vector units deliver approximately the same performance on electric standby as they do in diesel operation, Carrier says. Due to the less efficient add-on nature of standby components in a conventional unit, the company adds, Vector units can deliver up to 85% more cooling capacity in standby mode than a conventional unit in the example above.

By taking advantage of AC power, fuel is conserved, emissions are eliminated, noise is reduced and operating savings of 40 to 70% can be realized, the company says. Deltek technology uses its diesel engine exclusively to drive a high-performance 20KVA electric generator that powers an all-electric refrigeration system.

The new Vector units share the same body design as Carrier’s X2 series units.


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