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Posted: August 1, 2014

Infinity Superior Slide trailer

Fontaine Trailer Company is introducing the new Infinity Superior Slide trailer featuring independent sliding axles, claimed to be the most versatile platform trailer on the market. It can be configured as a closed tandem set at the rear, a closed tandem set at the front, a full 10′ spread axle, and any combination in between.

Fontaine says the design arose because fleets have been reporting that several jurisdictions are beginning to enforce kingpin-to-axle regulations, and that drivers need an easy way to stay in compliance since the rules and their application vary. The Infinity Superior Slide gives drivers the ability to change axle settings quickly and easily to accommodate various regulations. That makes it well suited to leasing and rental operations.

The entire Infinity line is constructed with fabricated steel mainbeams and steel crossbracing, aluminum floor and rear skirt, and with Fontaine’s exclusive RASR routed-aluminum side rail. The result is said to be a durable trailer that balances strength, weight, and economy. Infinity mainbeams are built with grade-130 flanges and are welded continuously on both sides. The design and construction are so strong, says Fontaine, that it offers the XtremeBeam Lifetime Warranty.


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