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Introducing the ProStar+: Engineered for Fuel Savings

Posted: August 1, 2014

Introducing the International® ProStar®: A more productive truck.

The International® ProStar® is one truck that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “downtime.” The ProStar tractor’s aerodynamic design and lightweight options mean that even as the size of your load goes up, your level of safety and performance will never go down. With factory-installed roll-stability and traction control, you’ve got a truck ready for any driving condition. Add to that incomparable fuel economy and you might be wondering whether the ProStar is too good to be true.

The International® ProStar® owes much of its success to air. In fact, aerodynamic innovations have put this class 8 truck in a class by itself. A patented, new roof design optimizes slope. Minimized bumper-gap and a lowered hood have created an even more streamlined effect. What these innovations add up to is a 7%* fuel efficiency advantage over any class 8 on the road, conserving 1,400 gallons per truck annually. ProStar delivers where it counts, and that means outstanding fuel efficiency. Combine that with phenomenal service features and several power options, and you’ve got the most innovative and advanced heavy duty truck on the road.



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