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Iowa, Colorado bringing on biodiesel

Posted: August 1, 2014

DES MOINES, Iowa — A couple more U.S. states are close to following Minnesota’s lead in mandating biodiesel for truckers filling up in the jurisdiction.

According to the Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association’s official publication Land Line, the Iowa Motor Truck Association is pushing lawmakers in that state to draft a standard for the production of biodiesel in order to avoid some of the snags experienced recently in Minnesota — the first state to require a B2 blend (2 percent biodiesel) for commercial trucks.

Biodiesel is slowly gaining momentum
in some U.S. states

State commerce officials recently suspended the rule until Feb. 10 because of reports that the soybean-based fuel may have clogged fuel filters due to high levels of glycerin that gel in cold weather. The government has given biodiesel producers until that date to fix the problem.

IMTA President Scott Weiser said his group wants to prevent those same problems from happening in Iowa, and is urging a manufacturing standard. “(Minnesota) did not have a product standard,” he said. “There were no penalties for a substandard product being entered into the market.”

The National Biodiesel Board and the Minnesota Biodiesel Council have announced a plan to help curb biodiesel problems. It requires all biodiesel producers to become accredited.

Meanwhile, a bill that would require state-operated trucks in Colorado to use biodiesel passed the state Senate Transportation Committee last week.

The bill, if passed, would mandate the use of a B20 — a 20 percent biodiesel blend — if the price of the biodiesel were no more than 10 cents higher than that of petroleum diesel.

In Ontario, carrier groups say they think they’ve been able to keep similar requirements at bay — for now.

The Ontario Trucking Association announced last fall that it convinced the Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture to drop its proposal to mandate biodiesel blends of B2 or B5 for transport trucks.

— with files from Land Line


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